Basic Care for the Ocular Prosthesis

Care of your ocular prosthesis is extremely important, but doesn't have to be difficult. We recommend having your ocular prosthesis professionally polished every 6 months. If at any time you have questions about caring for or cleaning your prosthesis, or if you start to experience irritation or discomfort contact us.

For a custom ocular prosthesis fit when an eye has been surgically removed, it is generally not recommended to remove the ocular prosthesis; however there are instances when occasional removal is necessary. Removing the prosthesis too often may actually cause the socket to become irritated. Most wearers only have the prosthesis out once every 6 months at their routine polishing visit with the Ocularist.

For a custom scleral cover shell removal is required every evening before going to sleep or follow the Ocularist's recommendations.

For more tips of handling, cleaning, daily care, and things to avoid, download our Helpful Tips for Basic Care PDF below!

Helpful Tips For Basic Care PDF

Learn how to insert and remove your ocular prosthesis - download the PDF below!

Insertion and Removal PDF

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